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  • Jobs and Workers First
    Updated On: Jul 26, 2018


    To keep pace with an increasingly competitive economic environment, Idaho must diversify its economy while protecting and advancing our traditional industries. Capitalizing on regional expertise and making it easier to relocate, start and grow businesses in Idaho will create more jobs in our communities.


    • Growing Idaho businesses by giving Idaho companies first crack at state contracts.
    • Providing apprenticeships for vocational training on publicly funded projects.
    • Providing communities with the tools needed to retrain and “fast track” unemployed workers as traditional industries begin to change.
    • Helping businesses prosper by investing in an educated workforce.
    • Capitalizing on regional expertise and incentivizing businesses to recruit partner businesses to Idaho.
    • Expanding high speed broadband to every community in Idaho.
    • Creating a permanent, local solution to transportation infrastructure needs in rural and urban communities.


    I believe that an honest day’s work deserves an honest day’s pay. For too many Idahoans, wages haven’t kept up with escalating childcare costs, college tuition and day-to-day expenses. If Idaho is to prosper, we must improve incomes to create better outcomes for hardworking people, support responsible investments that attract higher-paying careers and keep our graduates in Idaho.


    • Ensuring that Idahoans retain their right to organize as a group to bargain with employers about their right to work for fair pay and benefits.
    • Ensuring that every Idahoan is paid for their work and ending wage theft in Idaho.
    • Ensuring that past employers cannot stop you from getting a new job or starting a business.
    • Protecting hardworking Idahoans from skyrocketing property taxes by adequately funding public education at the state level.
    • Rewarding hard work with fair pay by ensuring women earn equal pay for doing the same work as men.
    • Establishing a fair minimum wage to help hardworking Idahoans eliminate the need for government subsidies and to help everyone achieve economic security.

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